Dextrous and innovative a capella quartet

Over the years on our stages, we’ve welcomed all manner of new musical genres, sub-genres and even sub-sub-genres. But, without need to check the archives, we can be sure that Finnish folk-hop is a new one on us. And it’s a terrific addition too. Named after the Finnish goddess of the wind, Tuuletar are a four-woman a cappella group whose songs – delivered through the twin mediums of harmony singing and beatboxing – are wonderfully expressive and brilliantly arranged. As the tag folk-hop suggests, they also delve into generations-old Finnish traditions for inspiration, particularly 19th-century epic poetry, before applying that contemporary twist. And their performances aren’t simply sonic affairs; they bring a strong sense of theatre and performance to every stage they play, even if, at the heart of everything they do is that most natural element known as the human voice.

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