The Original Gypsies of Camargue


Fiery rumba from former members of The Gipsy Kings

In the late ’80s, when the UK was deep in the throes of the so-called ‘world music’ boom, there were a few artists who pushed harder than others and who soaked up incredible success as a result. The Gipsy Kings were among this elite group, a band of brothers, close relatives and best pals whose fiery rumba and flamenco, most notably on the anthem Bamboléo, handed them fame on a global scale; their music was even used on an episode of Miami Vice! Three decades on, the fire still very much burns, with several of the band – the Reyes siblings Patchai, Paul and Canut, plus brother-in-law Chico Bouchikhi – still on the road as The Original Gypsies. The intense heat of their music hasn’t dropped a single notch, still fuelled by those glorious sandpaper vocals and those furiously strummed flamenco guitars.

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