Strut Records DJs


Vintage grooves from the funk-soul brothers

Once upon a time (specifically the mid-70s), compilation albums were rarely anything more than cheapo, corners-cut K-Tel LPs. Since then, much more craft and love has gone into the art of compiling a varied, but connected, programme of music. Take Strut Records, for instance. Born at the tail end of the last millennium, the label swiftly developed a reputation for compilations of the very highest order, records that shone with the care and attention put into their making. Largely operating at the funk and soul end of the spectrum, Strut soon became a badge of excellence; their early Afrobeat collections were absolutely exemplary affairs. Now it’s time for the crate-diggers behind the Strut banner – Quinton Scott, Duncan Brooker and Adrian Hughes – to drag their overweight record boxes down to pastoral Wiltshire, ready to put more than just some pep into your step with a super-tight set of dancefloor killers.

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