Sharon Shannon


Globally sharp accordionist

If you were one of the premier accordionists of your generation, it would be the easiest thing to play it straight and stay within the boundaries of your tradition. Not so Sharon Shannon. Instead, this daughter of County Clare has chosen some deliberately adventurous turns. First coming to our attention with her joyful playing as part of The Waterboys during their folkie years, Sharon has since been very much her own woman, moving beyond the music of her homeland to take in tango, dub, Breton folk and, on last year’s Sacred Earth album, the sounds of Africa in the company of WOMAD guitar hero Justin Adams. She’s also collaborated with Steve Earle, Kirsty MacColl, Nigel Kennedy and Sinéad O’Connor among many others. And, of course, Sharon also does a loaded version of the Penguin Café Orchestra’s Music For A Found Harmonium. Fingers crossed for a reprise of that this weekend.

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