Funk/soul/rock whirlwind

Popular music has always been about reinvention, about the way that artists can shape-shift and confound people’s notions of them. Take Marcus Foster, for instance. He was once a guitar-toting singer-songwriter – an associate of Ed Sheeran’s with an undying love for Bob Dylan and Tom Waits and Van Morrison. But he also always held a torch for Jimi Hendrix and Prince and George Clinton, and – under the moniker of Seramic – now creates music that’s found at the intersection of funk and soul and rock. It’s big, it’s urgent and it’s overflowing with groove. It also proves to be the perfect frame for Seramic’s deeply soulful voice and his soaring, pyrotechnical guitar. And he’s got contacts – or chutzpah – this boy. He’s even persuaded the mighty Bootsy Collins, the bass foundation of Parliament and Funkadelic to play on one of his tracks. Praise rarely comes from higher quarters.

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