Seby Ntege & Band

uganda / united-kingdom

Ugandan multi-instrumentalist explores new horizons

 Seby Ntege braved new territory in the early 2000s when he left his native Uganda and his family band, Nile Beat Artists, for the UK. This was a natural move though for a musician so clearly devoted to evolving his sound. Ntege started playing live aged just 13 and has been expanding his repertoire of instruments ever since.

More than a decade later, and Ntege fronts an interdisciplinary band with a sound indebted to traditional Ugandan writing, but inflected with afro-beat, samba and British pop. Having recently mastered the Kora, much of Ntege’s new music combines West African instruments with a modern take on East African songwriting style. This globetrotting outlook and sense of adventure are clear in his exuberant live performance too.

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