Sabry Mosbah


Singer-songwriter articulating the black Tunisian experience

With one foot in North Africa and the other in northern Europe, Sabry Mosbah represents a new generation of Mediterranean musicians. The son of the outspoken musician Slah Mosbah, Sabry’s articulation of the black Tunisian minority experience is made through his music. Drawing on much of the cultural expression of his homeland – Sufi, Malouf, hadra, mazoued – his concurrent embrace of Western styles marks him out as an artist of now. He spans continents, language and time; his work is at once both ageless and contemporary. Singing in French and Tunisian Arabic, an acoustic guitar always close to hand, Sabry’s laidback, easy charm takes a less strident road to acceptance. Music doesn’t have to agitate – to be sharp and spiky – to make its point.

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