Rafiki Jazz

united-kingdom / senegal / brazil

The music of here, there and everywhere

If – 30 years after its concoction – the troubling phrase ‘world music’ is still in circulation, there’s quite possibly no more appropriate a use for it than to describe the multi-membered, multicultural outfit Rafiki Jazz. The sounds of several countries – several continents, in fact – can be found bubbling away in this tasty musical stew. Kora, steelpan, oud, berimbau and tablas all deepen the band’s sound, but they’re never in competition, nor eager to hog the limelight. They all contribute in equal proportion. Indeed, what could have been an unnatural fusion is, in fact, a perfectly balanced, brilliantly interlocking affair. While celebrating the joyful variety of music that keeps our little planet spinning, the music of Rafiki Jazz also shrinks the world, making new connections, new conversations. At this particular moment in history, that’s more important than ever.