colombia / france

They call this Latincore

Melding two very disparate musical forms is always something of a gamble. And few such projects were quite as big a gamble than the coming-together that created Pixvae. In the European corner, we have the structure and precision of the math-rock outfit Kouma, a self-described “mutant power trio” from Lyon. Across the ring, representing South America, are the free-flowing voices and shackle-free percussion of another trio – Bamabazú, from Colombia’s Pacific coast. The pair’s collaboration is one that, on paper at least, could be distinctly awkward and ill-fitting. Instead, though, the contrasts actually dovetail delightfully – cold into warmth, dark into light. If the concept’s a little head-spinning, so too are their live performances which have dazzled and dizzied audiences across Europe. It’s now Wiltshire’s turn to sign up to the one-band genre known as Latincore.

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