Electronica-edged indie-pop from Gran Canaria

While we spend the year diligently searching in all corners of the globe for new musical discoveries to bring to rural Wiltshire, sometimes we’re handed artists on a plate. And so it was with the Canary Islands outfit Papaya who were one of the local acts to grace the stage at WOMAD Las Palmas back in November. Led by up-and-at-’em frontwoman Yanara Espinoza, the trio do a sharp line in indie-pop with plenty of jangle. But there’s plenty more that goes into the pot, whether it’s electronica touches that add extra pep and rhythm, or a discernible nod made in the direction of those no-nonsense beat groups of the 1960s. Papaya’s records have helped them create significant waves across the Spanish indie scene, while their live performances – including that one at our Gran Canaria bash – showcase a band punching well above what you’d expect from a three-piece.

Click here to listen to Papaya on the Discover WOMAD 2018 playlist on Spotify.