Ofeliadorme Italy

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Bologna-based trio Ofeliadorme's sound is seductive, tender, immersive and mysterious.

Taking their name by Rimbaud’s poem, Ophelie, about Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, the dreamy electronic music of Bologna-based trio Ofeliadorme is seductive, tender, immersive and mysterious.

Francesca Bono’s vocals and guitar, Michele Postpischl’s percussion, and Tato Izzia’s bewitching synths combine the serenity of Cocteau Twins, the trip-hop darkness of Portishead and the shape-shifting pop sensibilities of PJ Harvey.

The results can be heard to compelling effect on the band’s third album, Secret Fires, produced by Howie B, who made his name working with Soul II Soul, Tricky and Bjork, and released on his own HB Recordings label earlier this year.