Noga Erez


The Israeli MIA?

“I got a lot of advice not to talk about what is happening in Israel,” Noga Erez told The Observer. The singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv chose not to heed the suggestions. Instead, she uses music to confront what is happening in her homeland; her art is her way of “processing the issues that bother me about the world”. Her songs, though, aren’t those of the acoustic guitar-toting protest singer. Noga’s music is knife-sharp electronica – brittle, sparse and experimental. Its leftfield nature has prompted the inevitable comparisons with Bjôrk, but a closer comparison came be made with MIA, one not simply down to her sound. Noga shares the latter’s sense of confrontation and directness. Indeed, in the video to her track Noisy, she’s shown – albeit in cartoon form – taking a baseball bat to the statue of a male elder. Noga Erez takes no prisoners, accepts no bullshit.

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