Stormzy-affiliated dance music producer

“Everyone thought we were fucking weird for making music when we were younger,” says the South African producer Muzi, “outsiders because we didn’t play football or basketball or whatever. I was already ‘weird’, but that made it worse.” With his dedication to music enhanced by the 5pm curfew his parents imposed on him in order to stay out of trouble (even signing up to study for a degree in medicine couldn’t distract him from creating tunes), the young Muzi would surely be proud of the acclaim that would later come his way. His music – a throbbing, intoxicating amalgam of Zulu vocals, deep house and kwaito known as gqom and specific to Durban – has won him much love from some of the folk that matter, including Diplo, The Prodigy and the mighty Stormzy. Praise from on high, indeed.

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