Moonlight Benjamin

haiti / france

Diamond-hard voodoo blues-rock

Haitian music almost always intrigues, beguiles and delights. Despite centuries of colonisation, it’s a nation that has remained artistically distinct. There’s always been an undeniable edge to its music, often the product of its long-held voodoo traditions. The music of Haitian songstress Moonlight Benjamin feeds off voodoo too, while also reaching beyond this particular corner of the Caribbean. Having relocated to France a couple of years into the millennium, Moonlight has deduced that her tough, soulful voice – whether she’s singing in French or Creole – finds a perfect foil in meaty Western blues-rock. The results dictate that style and source are being redefined: blues-rock is stretching beyond its usual denim-clad constituency, while the centuries-old ways of Haitian voodoo find a new outlet, a new audience.

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