Miroca Paris


Miroca Paris You’ve probably seen him perform live several times without knowing it was him. For 11 years the Cape Verdian multi-instrumentalist toured the world as Cesária Évora’s percussionist.

Miroca was born into a family of thriving musicians “the Paris”, on the Northern island São Vicente, Mindelo (Cape Verde – off the coast of Senegal). At the age of seven, he started to play the drums, at thirteen he explored singing, playing the guitar as well as percussion.

For 11 years he toured the world several times over, meeting incredible artists, collaborating with so much talent and growing as a musician and person. The journey came to an abrupt halt when Evora passed away in December 2011.

Now the time has come for Paris to do as the ‘Barefoot Diva’ always wished him to do:

to share his own music with the world. To sing his heartfelt stories front and center, while accompanying himself on guitar – like he used to – growing up in the Cape Verde Islands with his toes in the sand.

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