Mari Kalkun


Beautiful acoustic gems Europe’s northern quarter

Much of the music of northern Europe – whether Scandinavia or the Baltic states – has a particular atmosphere about it, an undeniable connection to the landscape from whence it came. There seems to be an unhurried sense of both time and space, of music that’s been afforded the proper period of gestation. Mari Kalkun’s music abides by this creed too, fully-formed but deliciously weightless creations that float around in their own world. It’s folk, but it’s beyond folk too. Her songs twinkle and shimmer but also lead you into darker corners too, with plenty of mystery lurking at the edges. They can be bravely intimate, but also widescreen and panoramic. And that’s the beauty of Mari’s art: contrasts and contradictions that, in less careful hands, might be awkwardly presented. Instead, these are perfectly weighted acoustic sounds from a distant land.

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