Macka B


The toastmaster general

“Reggae is the people’s music,” Macka B once said. “Reggae makes people think and when the people start thinking, they are no longer like sheep.” This son of Wolverhampton knows of what he speaks. For more than three decades now, he’s been in the forefront of British reggae, ever since he was made redundant from the local Ever Ready battery factory and, fascinated and consumed by sound system culture, devoted his time, life and thoughts to music. A constant during all this time behind the mic has been a long and rewarding working relationship with the doyen of South London producers Mad Professor; another brilliant collaboration was forged in the early ’90s with Baaba Maal on the track Yela. All manner of subjects get his creative juices flowing, from politics (his first record was the Thatcher-baiting Maggie’s Letter) to veganism; a long-time Rastafarian, he’s even been known to deliver raps on the health benefits of cucumbers. Macka B is certainly no sheep.

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