Low Island


Experimental electronica and indie grooves

You’ll never find Low Island forced into wearing a creative straightjacket. The young Oxford four-piece are fired by the flame of youth, by boundless, endless possibility. They can do whatever they want; history won’t weigh them down. In this respect, they are truly creatures of the 21st century, seeing no contradiction in slipping between uplifting electronica and intimate indie – or merging the two. It was a step that was both deliberate and natural. “There was a euphoria and excitement we didn’t always get from indie gigs,” explains singer/guitarist Jamie Jay, “but a connection to the songs and musicians we felt was missing from club nights.” Not only have they struck this happy medium, but their creative juices are in full flow right now, with a string of EPs and singles under their belt, along with an album for the Society of Sound. Low Island belong to now. They also belong to the future.

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