Lian Music Band with Mohsen Sharifian


Iran’s renowned folk traditionalists

Many academic experts on music are infinitely more interested in researching it than playing. Not so Mohsen Sharifian, who put his Music postgraduate degree from Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to the best possible use, becoming one of the premier performers of Iranian folk in the world today.

The Lian Band are an intriguing prospect. Sharifian’s stage-presence is dazzling; his energy and charisma providing an effective contrast to the hypnotic percussion and vocals provided by the band. The troupe generates an impressive, layered wall of sound, but their set maintains a strong sense of playfulness, as the performers dabble in dance, solo, and improvisation throughout.

Sharifian’s commitment to playing and advocating for Iranian folk is important and inspiring. His work with the Lian Band is going some way to rejuvenating and amplifying this vital musical culture.

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