Leftfield perform Leftism Live


Classic album gets the live treatment

There are few albums that both informed and reflected the 1990s to quite the degree that Leftfield’s Leftism, the duo’s 1995 first studio LP, managed. This was no slow-burner whose charms slowly made themselves known. Its seismic qualities were recognised immediately. The NME firmly believed Leftism to be a record that would be “bouncing around in the great echo chamber of futurity for years”, while Q later described it as “the first truly complete album experience to be created by house musicians”. And it’s a masterpiece that continues to completely stand its ground today. As the NME suggested, it still feels as though it represents the future of sound. Which makes Leftfield’s decision to revisit it in a live capacity all the more relevant and exciting. This is no mere nostalgia trip. This is music every bit as vital and vibrant as the day it was born.

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