brazil / colombia / venezuela

Pan-American musical hurricane

While deeply respectful of the concepts of history and geography, Ladama play hard and fast with both. This quartet’s appreciation of various musical traditions is acute, but they feel zero inclination to reverently handle with care each one in turn, never to mix and match. Everything goes into the pot. And the sonic stew bubbling away is undeniably pan-American in flavour, reflecting the countries of origin of the four – Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and the USA. Punchy percussion and fiery vocals combine to offer a whistle-stop musical tour of their corner of the world, bouncing back and forth between Saõ Paulo, Bogotá and Caracas. There’s never a dull moment. As National Public Radio in the USA declared, Ladama offer “a vivid montage of music of the Americas, with irresistible spirit and universal appeal”.

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