La Dame Blanche


One-woman hip-hop/cumbia/dancehall whirlwind

There are few more vital, more vibrant representatives of the 21st-century Latin American cultural experience than Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, better known by her trading name of La Dame Blanche. Yaite is a one-woman whirlwind, a storm of hip-hop, dancehall and cumbia that, in never failing to get the party started, also isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, to call things as she sees them. For Yaite, it’s all about “this feminine strength, this power, this vision of struggle”. But she knows how to enjoy herself while imparting this message – a lively, sensual performer who’s often engulfed in a thick fug of cigar smoke. As the latest link in the Cuban musical chain (her father is Jesus ‘Aguaje’ Rodriquez, trombonist and leader of Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club), this is one woman who knows from whence she’s come. And she also very much knows exactly where she’s going.

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