Expansive, intricate folk – rooted in Basque tradition

The trikitixa is a deceptive instrument. On one hand, its short row, with buttons separated by musical fifths, lends itself to a busy and note-heavy song-writing style. This sound, however, is incredibly percussive. So much so that in the 19th century, the Catholic Church worried that trikitixa’s beat-making would lead the young people of the Basque into hedonism and depravity. Not bad for a diatonic accordion!

Korrontzi, lead by virtuoso trikitixa player Agus Barandiaran, cultivate this particular Basque musical heritage, but introduce it to the foibles of modern European folk. The result is a vibrant setlist, that effortlessly contrasts euphoric refrains with intricate instrumental interludes.

Korrontzi aims to bring Basque heritage to the widest possible audience. Gradually, their great skill and vitality are making this dream a reality.

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