KermesZ à l’Est


Rowdy Balkan business

Don’t let looks be deceptive. One glance at this bunch of Belgians might lead you to the conclusion that they comprise a Benelux chapter of Hell’s Angels, one whose anthem of choice is Motorhead’s Ace Of Spades. In reality, though, this eight-piece favour furiously blown brass instruments rather than furiously strum electric guitars. For the past ten or so years (during which time they’ve logged more than 700 gigs), this leather-jacketed brigade have thrilled audiences across Europe with their take on the brass-heavy Balkan/klezmer tradition. In their hands, that familiar spiralling, region-specific sound is turned up to 11, while their collective tongue never strays too far from their collective cheek. Raucous and rowdy but unremittingly joyful, a Kermesz À l’Est performance is no place for the timid. Shy and retiring types need not apply.

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