Jennie Abrahamson


Off-kilter Scandi-pop

“We’re influenced by the four seasons,” Jennie Abrahamson once said of her fellow Swedish melody-makers, “by the amount of darkness we’re surrounded by all through autumn to spring. It brings some sort of melancholy or darkness into music that can seemingly be sweet or happy.” There’s certainly a melancholic undertow to Jennie’s own sound, adding a sharp edge to her perky indie synth-pop. It’s like a dark line of mascara on an otherwise colourful face. With songs that appeal to both the brain and the body, Jennie has proved herself to be an artist of depth and substance over the course of several albums. She’s also a veteran of tours of duty with Peter Gabriel, a well-fitting foil for the man himself when taking the Kate Bush role onstage for Don’t Give Up. First and foremost, though, she’s her own woman, balancing the light with the shade. “There’s always some dirt around the corner.”

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