Self-styled “naîve computer jazz”

Mitchel Van Dinther – more widely known as Jameszoo – is a producer and untrained musician from The Netherlands. He creates experimental jazz-electronica which, is a nod to that lack of formal training, he describes as “naîve computer jazz”. This is a man who’s open and honest about his art. “The naîve stamp, I put that on myself,” he told Impulse magazine. “I’d rather just claim I’m terrible at something and people can just decide for themselves.” But as unconventional and occasionally wonky as Jameszoo records can be, they’re gloriously so, representing a thoroughly original-sounding take on jazz-fusion, one that still includes discernible nods to both Brazil and Herbie Hancock. Pitchfork noted that his debut album Fool was, naîvely or not, spilling over with ideas, “with each of the free-flowing tracks careening internally from moments of austere beauty to jazz breakdowns, to burbling bleeps and baps”.

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