Havana meets Kingston

cuba / jamaica / australia

A musical Caribbean summit meeting

Only 90 miles of sea separates the islands of Cuba and Jamaica, and yet both boast very strong and unique musical identities. While they haven’t necessarily evolved in splendid isolation, the crossover between the two has been much less than their close proximity might suggest it should be. Until now, that is. Enter stage left the Australian producer Mista Savona, the mastermind behind Havana Meets Kingston, the collaborative project that puts venerable musicians from both islands alongside each other in the studio and on stage. The results are as natural as the waves lapping up on their respective shores, with reggae, dub and dancehall effortlessly intertwining with son and salsa. Nothing is forced. Everything is an easy fit. As the Cuban singer Erik Rodriquez observes, “Jamaica is like the flow. Cuba is the beat. We understand each other.”

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