Gaye Su Akyol


The changing sound of Turkey

Musicians can broadly be divided into two camps: those who find their sound and are content to largely work within it ad finitum, and those who never stand still, always trying to push, to redefine. Gaye Su Akyol most definitely falls into the latter box. This is an artist for whom limitations and preconceptions are an occupational hazard. Yes, she largely works within traditional Turkish music, but she also has a tendency to apply it to some darker-hearted elements, including some brooding electric guitar, which reveal her admiration for Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain and Jefferson Airplane frontwoman Grace Slick. And like Björk – a popular touchstone for journalists when describing Gaye’s approach, if not her musical style – she very much knows how to set herself apart on stage. Do believe the man from The Observer when he announces this to be “the new sound of Istanbul”.

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