Evie Ladin & Keith Terry


Brilliantly energetic old-timey duo

In the age of mumbo-jumbo and doublespeak, it’s a rare pleasure to see that the company motto of Evie Ladin is simple, elegant and cuts straight to the quick: Song Dance Banjo. Three words that tell us so much. But there’s also so much more to tell than that – that Evie’s mastery of the clawhammer banjo is an absolute wonder, and  that the soulful, salty tanginess of her voice grips the listener and refuses to let go as it narrates some wild music tales. Together with master percussionist Keith Terry – a man whom The Wall Street Journal described as “an anatomical carnival, where hands, feet, fingers engage in a music ballet” – the duo marry faultless musicianship with barrel-loads of sassiness, attitude and fun. As the great Americana magazine No Depression had it, this is nothing short of “a homespun hoot”.

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