Erland Cooper


Beautiful, elemental instrumentals

What connects Paul Weller, the Orkneys, Bill Drummond and psycho-geography? It’s the musician Erland Cooper, this son of Stromness who has made some of the most skin-pricklingly emotional music to come from these shores over the last decade. The Weller connection comes from a collaboration with Erland’s indie-folk combo Erland and the Carnival, while the psycho-geography element comes from his time with The Magnetic North, an expansive project that included contributions from former KLF man Drummond, singer-songwriter Hannah Peel and the writer Laura Barton. Whatever the context, Erland’s music has always attracted adjectives like ‘haunting’, ‘ghostly’ and ‘elegiac’, and these are even more appropriate when applied to his instrumental solo work. This is music that pulls at your heartstrings without you even noticing – beautiful sounds that unfurl and unfold, reflecting the natural landscape and echoing the elements that shape our world, that turn our tides.

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