Electric Fields


Electronica, 21st-century soul and indigenous sounds

Many, if not most, contestants on TV music talent shows disappear into the ether after their brief exposure on the small screen. Not so Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross. Graduates of the Australian editions of X Factor and The Voice, the Adelaide pair have gone in precisely the opposite direction, building on the experience to forge, as Electric Fields, their own very distinctive sound and their own distinctive career. They neatly label their fusion of electronica, 21st-century soul and Zaachariaha’s indigenous heritage as “Daft Punk meets Deep Forest with the fearlessness of Nina Simone”. It accurately describes the combination of pulsing urgency and dreamy soundscapes, over which Zaachariaha’s elastic, androgynous voice soars. Not short on vision, the pair don’t lack in the ambition department either, seeing the project as “a big collaboration with the universe. We were born to do this.”

Click here to listen to Electric Fields on the Discover WOMAD 2018 playlist on Spotify.