Edmar Castañeda & Andrea Tierra


Explosive harp-playing and expressive vocals

Once in a while, a musician comes along whose approach to his or her chosen instrument blows both your mind and your preconceptions of its possibilities. Jimi Hendrix was one. Edmar Castañeda is another. Indeed, the Hendrix comparison is not far wide of the mark. In his hands, the Colombian’s instrument – the harp – takes on a new life as he brings a high-octane intensity to bear. He approaches it with the flair and improvisational feel of a jazz musician in the groove; he has, in fact, collaborated with a number of jazzers, including John Scofield and Marcus Miller (Sting also has him on speed-dial). He’s joined this weekend by his wife, the expressive singer Andrea Tierra whose vocals both sooth and soar. Both New Yorkers for many years, Andrea’s voice is shot through with a love – and a longing – for the couple’s native Colombia. It’s a marriage made in music.

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