Dobet Gnahoré


Acoustic gems from West Africa

“I think we have 72 dialects in Côte d’Ivoire,” Dobet Gnahoré told the Chicago Tribune. “When I was young, it was normal for me to hear all the different languages, but when I grew up, I saw that it was a great wealth to protect and preserve.” And Dobet is doing more than her fair share of safeguarding the cultural expression of her homeland by singing in a range of dialects and languages. She’s also thinking further afield by drawing from Congolese rumba, Ghanaian highlife and Cameroonian bukutsi, albeit all distilled through a tasteful acoustic filter. But don’t mistake gentle arrangements for benign content, nor pan-Africanism for a watered-down worldview. This is music that says something. “With a sweet melody,” Dobet insists, “the message comes across simply and reaches people more easily. The emotion remains.”

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