Django Django


All hail the new psychedelicists

Django Django are a slippery bunch. It’s difficult to neatly bundle them up under an all-encompassing label. So much goes into their musical collage – art-rock, psychedelia, Krautrock, pop, surf-rock, techno – that it might sound confused and contradictory. Indeed, one critic warned that, in less competent hands, the results might take the form of “a messy punch-up at a record fair”. But there’s no physical confrontation, nor any hint of mess. Instead, over the course of three nut-tight albums (including their 2012 Mercury Prize-nominated, self-titled debut), the quartet have picked neat paths through all those influences and inspirations. And it makes complete sense to both listener and band. “It’s a bit like food,” drummer David Maclean told The Scotsman. “No-one would ever say ‘Oh, so you like pizza but you also like sushi?’ Well, I love food. And I love music.”

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