Daara J Family


The return of the West African rappers

Back in 2003, Daara J exemplified the potential of African hip-hop when their buoyant and energetic album Boomerang won the BBC Awards For World Music prize for Best Album. It was a difficult record to ignore, piled high with messages that, delivered in Wolof, French and English, signalled their intent to take on the world. Since that high-impact breakthrough, the pair – Faada Freddy and Ndongo D – have consolidated their position in the vanguard of African rap, while also reaching out beyond, whether working with Mos Def or Wyclef Jean, or forming part of Damon Albarn’s rolling Africa Express project. Having temporarily gone their separate ways to pursue individual endeavours, the duo are make together and eager to carry their one-world messages to a new generation. As they said back in the day, “you throw the boomerang and it travels around the world and then comes home”.

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