Colectivo Danza Región & Cámara de Danza Comunidad


Striking interpretive dance from Colombia

Let’s remember what the ‘D’ in WOMAD’s name translates as. It’s not ‘doughnuts’ or ‘djembe’. It does, of course, stand for the dance element of the weekend’s activities, an ever-present art form since our first festival in 1982. This year, representing South America, are Colectivo Danza Región & Cámara de Danza Comunidad, a coming-together of two troupes to investigate the little-exposed dance traditions of Urabá Antioqueño, a region where the cultural expressions of Colombia’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts co-exist and cross-pollinate. Their performances are strident and athletic as they attempt to illuminate the darkness that these styles have been forced to survive in. As they put it, they operate in a place “where tradition dances through the night-time”. At turns both sensual and spiritual, their work is elegant and street-wise, in the process revealing some eternal truths about the region’s past.