The evergreen shape-shifter

On and off for more than 20 years now, Amparo Sánchez has been the fulcrum of Amparanoia, the loose, shape-shifting Madrid outfit that’s been the main vehicle for their leader’s creative impulses. In that time, Amparo has worn many hats and taken the band’s sound down many different roads – although whether singing bolero, ranchera, son, rumba or straightahead pop, it’s always been delivered in that distinctive deep voice of hers. Along the way, she’s also found time to work under her own name, most notably with Calexico on the album Tucson-Habana. Her fascination with Spanish-language music of every hue is matched by her engagement with social issues and political activism. She’ll never ignore her calling. “I’m focused on Amparanoia 24 hours a day, searching in Latin, Mexican, Arabic, flamenco and rumbera roots to give character to my songs.”

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