Afro Cluster


Terrific Afrobeat/hip-hop meltdown

If your band works within a venerable genre, it’s tempting to hedge your bets, play it safe and simply replicate the sound of those who have gone before. The bands that stand out are those that don’t slavishly imitate, that take the music into uncharted territory. Afro Cluster fall into the second category. While many contemporary Afrobeat outfits have opted to stay in that – admittedly awesome – Fela Kuti groove, this nine-piece are marking out their own ground. Yes, there are white-hot horns at the heart of their sound and, yes, they boast a diamond-hard rhythm section, but the presence of both turntablist and MC finds them with one foot in the hip-hop camp. Hailing from Cardiff, their dynamite live shows have delighted the ears of many influential taste-makers, among them Radio Wales’ Bethan Elfyn who perfectly described them as having “head and heart in tune”. Afro Cluster are the complete package, the real deal.

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