Addictive TV: ‘Orchestra of Samples’ UK

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Addictive TV: ‘Orchestra of Samples’
Crossing multiple styles and cultures, hundreds of musicians from more than 25 different countries, recorded, sampled and reimagined.

Take over 200 musicians from more than 25 different countries, chop-up and reimagine their contributions into a kaleidoscopic fusion that takes you on a musical journey without borders and you have Addictive TV’s extraordinary ‘Orchestra of Samples’ album. The live show takes things even further, as all the recording sessions were filmed, so audiences see the sampled musicians on screen!

Helmed by the British duo of Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler and five years in the making, Orchestra of Samples was hailed as “ingenious and compelling” among the many critical plaudits that greeted its release earlier this year.

As well as virtual musicians on screen, the duo will be joined on stage at WOMAD by Stomp percussionist extraordinaire Paul Gunter and fretless guitar virtuoso Alejandro de Valera.